Digital Brand & Design Director

Niall Williams

About Me

I’m living my Tasmanian dream: being a part of a great team that grows brands online while embracing design thinking principles to solve problems. With a Bachelor of Design (Honours) in Product Design and Digital Modelling under my belt, after uni I spend a year working for marketing agencies in England and Italy. Moving from Old North Wales to New South Wales 12 years ago gave me a chance to forge a life and career in Australia.

I strive to generate outcomes the client is happy with and what their users need. With 13 years’ experience in developing brands, design direction, digital management and being a people person who loves a chat, I’ve grown into a leader who is the conduit between the client, the creatives and the tech.

Based in Sydney and Melbourne for 8 years, I worked at creative agencies and in-house marketing departments for global brands such as Sony, Oracle, PwC, AstraZeneca and Diageo. Now in Tassie, I have managed e-commerce and digital projects for government clients, retail, alcohol and spirits, and many service industries.

A proud Welshman with Irish roots, I love rugby, football (the round one), and having a pint of Guinness. I’m all for remote working if the opportunity fits the company’s needs – previously freelancing in the Faroe Islands and in a ger in Mongolia.