Blending Strategy, logic and Creativity

Solving Digital Problems Makes us tick

A snapshot of our story and who we are.


Kings Digital started as all good tech stories do…. at home, in a bedroom. Evolving pretty quickly into a spare bedroom, founder Rik then decided he couldn’t do it alone and the original business KingsDesign was born. The business grew gradually with the help of consulting work for larger Tasmanian businesses and the foresight to create a good network of professional contacts.

We have grown over the years into a diverse team that offers a whole picture approach. We officially renamed to Kings Digital in 2022 to better reflect where we are heading. Our values remain the same but our experience, knowledge and drive has grown.

If you want to hear the whole story, chat about anything business or digital, or just like the sound of what we do then we’re always keen to meet up for a coffee.

there are some things we’ll happily do and some things we really don’t want to

we do

  • love that Tasmanian businesses are constantly punching above their weight.
  • ask the tough questions.
  • believe that good design should be based in accessibility for all.
  • guarantee that any website we build will be super fast
  • have weekly ’Donut Tuesdays’ in our studio.
  • have 8 different nationalities in our studio.
  • believe in a work life balance.
  • advocate equality, which is why the leader of Kings is a Queen.

we don’t

  • make the logo bigger.
  • design pretty things without a purpose.
  • control the internet.
  • “want to miss a thing” (Aerosmith)
  • nominate ourselves for awards.
  • have beanbags or a foosball table in our studio.
  • employ unpaid interns.
  • wish it was Friday on Monday.
  • discourage ideas because of hierarchy.
  • leave the house without dressing for 4 seasons.
  • own a printer as a company.