Some of our client Success stories

Case STudies

Our recent projects – the work that makes us and our clients proud.

Ashgrove Cheese

ECommerce for an Iconic Tasmanian Brand

At the beginning of our relationship Kings Digital worked with Ashgrove and their designer to build a highly customised Shopify website that met their needs and the needs of their users. We continue to be on hand for any new features or development support that they need for the website. To complement their website and help them drive ambitious sales, we also provide digital marketing support and consulting on their broader digital strategy.

Seedlab Australia

Building a digital brand from the ground up

We’ve worked with Seedlab Australia from before day one, helping to develop their brand, create their top-level digital strategy, develop their website, produce content, and implement digital marketing to grow their online presence.

Solar Bay

Branding and digital strategy for the renewable energy sector

Solar Bay sought a revamped website and a redefined brand identity. Their earlier brand and website, while adequate in their inception, had since become outdated. With their services expanding and business scaling, they aspired to be perceived as thought leaders. Their new brand had to mirror their impressive growth and their ambitious 2023 projects.


Complete Digital Overhaul Showcasing Tasmanian Agricultural Innovation

We delivered a digital strategy that included website development, social media management, EDMs, and online advertising, creating a cohesive and engaging online presence for agriCULTURED with a big reach.

Beaker Street Festival

A Meta-Ad Success Worth Celebrating

In our second year of collaboration with the Beaker Street Festival, Kings Digital provided digital marketing campaign strategy focused exclusively on the Meta ads. Our goals were to effectively convey the festival’s unique blend of science and art to engage with a broader and more diverse audience and drive ticket sales for their annual festival events.

Innovation Bay

A site rebuild to Empower internal staff

We rebuilt Innovation Bay’s website to empower their marketing team and other internal staff to easily manage the content on their site. On top of a customised and streamlined backend, we’ve built a frontend that’s significantly faster, more accessible, and better for the environment.

Taste of Summer

A site that evolves with its content

Kings Digital created a website that is highly flexible and adaptive to content, which allows us to make fast changes. As the content changes, the design changes too, so the website is always the best current representation of the Taste of Summer.


Driving Brand Awareness and Sales Growth

Kings Digital has worked with Castella over a number of years, with KD providing support to their ecommerce website that had been built by another agency. In 2022 Castella were ready to embark on a redesign and reached out to Kings Digital to help them further develop their brand to further drive more online sales and improve the user experience for their trade customers.

Healthy Heads

A New Website with Expanded Functionality

Healthy Heads champion mental health and wellbeing for all workers in trucks and sheds. We built them a new website with better performance and expanded functionality.

Festival of Voices

Performance marketing with endurance

Kings Digital has worked with Festival of Voices over the past few years to drive ticket sales and increase awareness of the growing festival, enduring and building success through the thick of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mane Consulting


When Mane Consulting reached out to Kings Digital to help rebrand and create an online presence that represented who the company is today, we jumped at the opportunity to help modernise and refresh a brand that has grown rapidly.

Red Parka

A custom e-commerce Site

Our team turned around a bespoke shopify website design and development on a tight deadline, which enabled Red Parka to present their brand with a physical exhibition booth at a Melbourne gift exhibition- the first for them in over a year due to covid.

Lisa Kingston Flowers

a contemporary, clean, and efficient brand and website

We created an elegant, personal, modern, and feminine brand identity using neutral colours and organic elements that resonated with Lisa.


Integrating a Members Only Smart Learning Management System

Sprout Tasmania wanted to develop a Learning Management System (LMS) to better support its members. A members only platform, it needed to integrate with their current CRM and provide a great user experience. At the heart of the LMS was three core courses for the organisation: Core Farming, Core Business, and Supplementary Learning.


The Kings Digital team are experts in broad-scale digital strategy, web design & development, digital marketing, and content strategy. We have extensive experience developing and deploying digital solutions for small-to-medium businesses and organisations across Australia and internationally.