SEnior Web Developer

Diwash Regmi

About Me

Hi, I’m Diwash! I’m a web developer with in-depth experience in UI/UX design and development. In a nutshell, I create websites that help organisations address business challenges and meet their needs. I manage everything from website navigation and layout to a company’s web hosting and security architecture.

I was born and raised in Nepal, and I created my first e-commerce website when I was 18 months old. Just kidding, I started my web career as an intern Frontend Designer when I was on my final year of a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology and Systems. After I completed my degree, I worked as a Frontend Developer and later in 2018 decided to move to Australia with my wife for further study.

I’m a lifelong learner. Nature, exploring and travelling are my passions, although travel has not happened for some years now.

I love to work in a team where everyone pushes each other to grow and work at the same time. I believe, a team can only be complete when there is a progressive curve of learning new things and a positive attitude towards accepting challenges.

I now possess a BSC (Hons) degree and a Master’s degree in Information Technology and Systems. My degree and background have made me capable of understanding and speaking high-level languages in depth.

When it comes to web, I have mastered myself with core PHP. I am able to create a performant website using WordPress and Laravel. On the frontend, I do not like using any CSS frameworks provided that CSS itself is strong enough to handle everything by itself (Don’t tell this to anyone, I do like Tailwind), but again I do not oppose anyone’s preference and can adapt to any frameworks when needed or required.