David Marhvelashvili

About Me

I believe that design is an art in business. 

Bringing more than 6 years of experience in the graphic & web design field, including running a creative agency in Ukraine for 5 years and working with big international companies like BDO LLC and Under Armour, I’m here to help make your design POP (Keeping it functional from UI/UX perspective of course).

I love my design to have a WOW effect, which helps businesses I’m working with to stand-out in a crowded market. My approach to design is quite user-centric. Before I design, I do my research to understand who my client is, who their customers are, what both of them want, and how can I help their needs meet.

Holding a Bachelor’s Degree in International Business, a Master’s in International Economic Relations, and a Degree in Product Management I also know a thing or two about UI/UX Design.

I love working with people who believe that self-growth is a continuous process. I want to inspire and to be inspired by the people surrounding me.

Ukrainian raised in a Georgian family, ex-musician, and junior whiskey enjoyer, in my free time I’m usually playing the guitar, spending time outside enjoying life, or learning something new.