Content & Project Manager

Angus Bail

About Me

With a diverse background in sales, education, and digital marketing, I bring a unique perspective to my role at Kings Digital. Be warned… it’s a bumpy ride but one with a destination I couldn’t be happier to have arrived at.

My journey began as a sales executive, honing my knack for finding solutions and fostering robust professional relationships. Following a promotion to sales trainer, I was soon pursuing my Bachelor of Education followed by a Graduate Certificate in Education. Any teacher will vouch for the fact that there’s no better place to learn to manage complex projects and teams than in the classroom, an experience complemented by my Diploma of Business Management.

Parallel to teaching English, I began to work with words outside of school, starting my own freelance copywriting and digital content business. Working with some of Australia’s largest digital marketing agencies, I have helped expand their reach into international markets, gaining a deep insight into the global digital marketing landscape. Now, at Kings Digital, I blend my sales acumen, pedagogic strategies, and content creation expertise to deliver the results our client’s desire.

When I’m not producing content and talking project management at Kings Digital, you can find me at the gym, cycling, indulging in new cuisines, or exploring the great outdoors with my camera in tow. Each day I’m excited to come to work and leverage my diverse experiences to help our clients achieve their digital marketing and business goals.