Building a brilliant brand from the ground up

Seedlab Australia

We’ve worked with Seedlab Australia from before day one, helping to develop their brand, create their top-level digital strategy, develop their website, produce content, and implement digital marketing to grow their online presence.

The Urban Beehive, Seedlab Participant

Building a brilliant brand from the ground up

About Seedlab

Seedlab Australia is a unique, proven, and independent program supporting Australian businesses to start, scale and grow towards national supply. Seedlab is fully funded by Woolworths, making the program free for participants. We’ve been their digital partner since the start, helping to get them online and make noise for the right people to hear.

Making it all make sense

Strategy & Consulting

From the outset, we worked with Seedlab’s Founder Dr Hazel MacTavish-West to define what success looks like for Seedlab, and what we would do to achieve it.

Making things look good

Brand & Design

We worked with Hazel to iterate & innovate on the existing logo and branding from Seedlab’s pilot program – Seedlab Tasmania. The new logo has a tighter focus on screen applications and versatility in different use cases.

Getting Seedlab Online

Web Development

We built an initial website for Seedlab Australia rapidly over a period of one week before launch and have continually improved it over time. We also conducted a major restructure & redesign informed by data from website analytics & marketing campaigns we’d run.

Seedlab for the masses

Digital Marketing

We’ve run ads across Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn to ensure that Seedlab hits their applicant targets for every round of their Bootcamp program.

How We made it Happen

the Tech We Used




Data Studio

Meta Ads





Making things look good

An iterative & Fresh design

Seedlab Australia is and always was planned to be a program delivered via live and on demand online content. As such, we built their brand with a screen-first mindset, aiming to provide them with a logo & styleguide that were flexible and clear for the broadest range of digital use cases possible.

Logo Refresh

We iterated on the previous Seedlab Tasmania logo, altering it to be a better fit for screen applications. The new logo is more recognisable at small sizes, and by the brandmark in isolation.

Social Profile Pictures

One of the major branding sore points we found was brand recognition in social media profile pictures. It’s a big deal for an online-only brand, so we made sure the Seedlab brand was easily identifiable in isolation and at small sizes.

Style Guide

We created a style guide for Seedlab Australia to maintain consistency in the way the brand is used, and to act as a canonical branding reference point for internal and external representation of the brand.

To complement the style guide, we produced a full branding pack with all variations of the logo and design elements in every format that could ever be required by Seedlab’s team or designers working on their behalf.

The open source CMS you know, not how you know it

We made a Custom WordPress Website

It’s WordPress, but not as you know it. We built Seedlab a fully custom website with a block based theme with a long list of custom blocks built from scratch.

The end result is a site that’s fast on the frontend, easily managed on the backend, and flexible enough to display content any which way without the need for any additional code to be written.

A site that’s full of good stuff

We’ve Continually produced & added content to the site

We’ve worked with Seedlab and Hazel in the long-term to produce and add content to the site over time, writing blog posts & success stories, producing custom graphics & animations, and explainer videos.

Putting Seedlab on the right screens

Paid promotion

We’ve been running ads for Seedlab Australia since the same day we launched their website. Our main goal has been to drive applications for their Bootcamp program, where we’ve consistently been able to provide a pool of great candidates for Seedlab & Woolworths to select participants from.

We’ve also seen additional benefits from our performance marketing efforts, with consistent growth for Seedlab’s eDM and social media audiences.

Spreading the message

Organic Social content & CM

We help put quality content on Seedlab’s social feeds on a regular basis. We’re proponents of efficient content production & distribution, and have used a standardised approach for delivering updates for Seedlab.

We start with creating an update on the Seedlab website, then deliver shortened versions of that content to social channels directing users to the website for more info.

We also utilise this content in their eDMs to allow us to produce high quality, content rich updates which efficiently utilise already available content.

As part of the increased reach that comes with paid promotion on social media, we’ve stepped up to do daily community management for Seedlab.

This is often as simple as responding to positive comments, but also requires a deft & tactful approach for more difficult interactions.

We’ve also used this as an opportunity to grow Seedlab’s audience, as we frequently invite new users to follow Seedlab.

San Elk, Seedlab Participant

All-Encompassing support

Strategy, Vision, Brand Quality

We have weekly meetings with Seedlab to discuss digital strategy, upcoming work to be done, and their vision for the future. We’re also always available and frequently consult Hazel and the Seedlab team to ensure their brand is always presented properly and to determine effective use of their budget for content creation, advertising, and other priorities.

“Kings have helped us launch Seedlab Australia onto the national stage with great success. Their role just grows for me with promotional videos, social media, and the big thing is they get results! I’ve worked with lots of teams and never found one so efficient, so professional, and so quick to interpret my wants and turn that into results.”

Hazel MacTavish-West | Founder, Seedlab


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