Performance marketing with endurance

Festival of Voices

Kings Digital has worked with Festival of Voices over the past few years to drive ticket sales and increase awareness of the growing festival, enduring and building success through the thick of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Festival of voices choral group

A first of its kind Festival

About Festival of Voices

Festival of Voices’s purpose is to create a means for people to come together and celebrate the power of song.

Festival of Voices will be 17 years old in 2022…the first Tasmanian winter Festival, designed specifically to embrace the unique experience of winter and bring light and enjoyment to the people of Hobart in what was traditionally a cold and quiet season. 

How We made it Happen

the Tech We Used

Meta Ads




Data Studio


A long-term approach

Kings Digital has worked with Festival of Voices over the past few years to drive ticket sales and increase awareness of the growing festival.

This year has been another success with more engagement, reach and ticket sales through the website and digital marketing. Data gathered in previous years has driven this years strategy with adjustments and tweaks being made to further drive growth.

Doing the work

How we got results

Paid social media ads have become a staple in digital marketing strategy. We have run a Meta Ads campaign on Facebook and Instagram for Festival of Voices using ads to create a big drive in events’ reach(to the right users), website traffic and most importantly, ticket sales.

The next level

Research & Remarketing

*all creative provided by Festival of Voices

Our discovery stage of in-depth audience research helps us better define the target audience in the campaign, and ensure the paid ads get more visibility and conversions over time.

The initial strategy is just the start with regular A/B testing, ad reviews and optimisation of delivery taking place to get the best ROI over time.

We utilised Facebook Pixel data to build custom audiences based on what different users actually do. As the campaigns ran, we captured and tracked users who were interested but did not buy a ticket, and created a campaign just to get those users to come back and buy a ticket with great results and the lowest cost per conversion over the entire campaign.

Comprehensive reporting and a full debrief were provided after the campaign to ensure all learnings from this year can be used to improve next years marketing of FOV.


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