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About Ashgrove Cheese

Ashgrove Cheese has been a Tasmanian family-owned business for over a century. Originally a small farm in 1908, it has grown into a Tasmanian success story as a premium dairy manufacturer. The Bennett brothers and their wives established the Ashgrove Farm partnership, with a vision to produce high-quality, traditionally styled cheese at the source.

The Brief

Kings Digital has been working with Ashgrove for some time now, providing technical website development as well as digital marketing campaigns and comprehensive digital strategy. We get creative with them to drive their online sales as well as their in store retail sales at major supermarkets around the country.



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Making Shopify Dance

At the beginning of our relationship Kings Digital worked with Ashgrove and their designer to build a highly customised Shopify website that met their needs and the needs of their users. We continue to be on hand for any new features or development support that they need for the website. To complement their website and help them drive ambitious sales, we also provide digital marketing support and consulting on their broader digital strategy.

Creative, Audience, and Content

Kings Digital has delivered a number of national campaigns to support Ashgrove’s retail sales for a large range of Ashgrove Cheese products in supermarkets. Large scale paid Meta campaigns have been used to create interest using a wide variety of creative, audiences and content. We create and maintain high performing ads for a range of products that drive in store sales in all states and territories.

Detailed Digital Reporting

To support our digital marketing activities and make sure the client is completely across the detail we have monthly strategy meetings to ensure any campaign is delivering to KPIs and strategy is adjusted as needed.

We also provide a detailed digital report that is updated regularly and compared with weekly sales results from the retailer when in campaign mode. These reports ensure Ashgrove always has the latest data on hand.

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The average engagement rate is the percentage of interaction per viewer.

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