Healthy Heads


Healthy Heads champion mental health and wellbeing for all workers in trucks and sheds. To deliver on this the foundation needed a new online platform that provided the following for their members:

Membership Area

Recurring subscriptions


Learning Hub

News & Events

A website in the wild

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Speed, SEO, and Optimisation

The site was built from the ground up to ensure every page, product or training resource loads quickly on all devices. The website is optimised for SEO to ensure all resources are easy to find for everyone in the industry. Advanced Analytics tracking is set up and reported on to ensure Healthy Heads has all the information to make improvements to the site going forward.

I get by with a little help from my consultants

Consulting Service

Technical Consultation

Kings Digital worked with Healthy Heads to take complete control over their digital assets. This includes domain names and website, as well as setting up integrations around payment and an email platform.

All of this was nicely integrated with the website to ensure we had a smooth golive for the site and Healthy Heads now has all the keys in their control.

We weren’t in this one alone

Web design for this project was provided by Red Jelly.

Red Jelly’s website

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