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About castella

Castella is one of those fly under the radar Tasmanian businesses. Highly successful with a large network across Australia and the world, Castella consistently leads their industry in quality handles.

Castella offers a globally sourced collection of fine interior kitchen and cabinetry handles. The extensive catalogue of products is designed with interior designers and architects in mind and along with a real sense of timelessness, their versatile products are high quality with a lifetime guarantee.

The Brief

Kings Digital has worked with Castella over a number of years, with KD providing support to their ecommerce website that had been built by another agency. In 2022 Castella were ready to embark on a redesign and reached out to Kings Digital to help them further develop their brand to further drive more online sales and improve the user experience for their trade customers.

 A big part of the brief was to work on increasing awareness of the Castella brand which has a strong following in existing networks but needed some assistance to reach a broader network.



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“The Kings Digital team are a great resource for our company. Their ability to create and implement strategies with clearly observable and measurable outcomes is hard to find – we’d highly recommend Kings Digital.”



Achieving Brand Growth Through Consistency

The team developed robust and clear brand guidelines for the brand. While the logo was retained, the supporting assets were refreshed and coordination was provided to align the entire online presence and achieve brand growth. Along with a large amount of digital design we worked in partnership with their graphic designer to ensure that consistency was achieved through both their online and physical print assets. To complement all of the brand work we embarked on a whole lot of content creation from social posts to eDMs, blog posts inspired by client projects and updating new product ranges. Our flexibility of a full service team was key to providing the brand management and development that Castella needed.

Enhanced Shopping Experience

Kings Digital embarked on a website redevelopment in line with the refreshed brand. We worked with Castella to prioritise the adding of new features to enhance the shopping experience of trade customers eg. a bulk order form to quickly order multiple products, view stock availability and order in larger quantities. The website received the full works with a number of strategic reviews and development of plans to enhance the experience of users.

SEO for Massive Product Catalogue

A huge part of the growth of Castella’s brand has been the drive in sales from Digital Marketing such as Google ads, Paid social and search campaigns. We continue to assist Castella on the massive task that is SEO, (with a product catalogue their size we can keep working forever!)

With regular Digital Marketing meetings, our approach is to use the data to inform all of our strategic decision making. It’s all about tweaking, reviewing and tweaking again to work out what is best for the audiences and what drives sales.

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Organic search impression

The number of times a web page from the site appears in search results, providing visibility to users.


Sales growth in 6 months

The percentage increase in revenue or sales performance within a 6-month period.


Improved organic search clicks

An increase in user clicks on the website’s search engine results obtained without paid promotion or advertisements.


Improved organic ranking position

Improved organic ranking position means the website climbs higher in search results.

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